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lifewithfigureslifewithfigures8 hours ago
Hello there MFC! Decided to make this a sequel thread to BLOG #58147 partly to announce our newest update, which is OC guideline expansion and manufacturers! This expansion is going to come in two parts.

The part one announcement is that we will now be curating a list of non-Japanese companies that we will be whitelisting completely. So this includes figures of Original Characters (OCs), figures from origins that are not currently on our whitelist, and goods merchandise that the verified companies manufacture.

We are kicking off the company whitelisting this week by starting off with the highly requested user favorite: Myethos! So anything manufactured by Myethos will be able to be added this coming Saturday along with the winners of this week's origin whitelist poll. Right now, the plan is to stick to whitelisting one company per week with the usual origins from the polls for a few weeks, assess how it's all going, and then potentially whitelist more companies at a time.

And as I said in a prior paragraph, there is a part two of this expansion that is even more specific to OC figures and merchandise, but it is more involved than every other expansion we've had so far, so part two is still being worked on and potential announcement of can only be described as "pending" still. But please look forward to it when it comes!

Twelfth Cycle


Origin Winners:
The Legend of Hei (Luo Xiao Hei Zhan Ji)
Painter of the Night
Girl Cafe Gun

These will be whitelisted tomorrow, on 2023/07/01, at 8 PM GMT+2.

Previous Cycles
View spoilerHide spoilerEleventh Cycle
View spoilerHide spoiler
Bilibili Girls (22 and 33)
Shining Nikki Series (Miracle/Love Nikki)(Qiji Nuan Nuan)

These will be whitelisted tomorrow, on 2023/06/24, at 8 PM GMT+2.

Tenth Cycle
View spoilerHide spoilerWinners
Kidou Sentai Iron Saga with 23%
Solo Leveling with 16%
The Legend of Sword and Fairy with 12%

These will be whitelisted tomorrow, on 2023/06/180, at 8 PM GMT+2.

Ninth Cycle
View spoilerHide spoiler
Muse Dash with 21%
Daomu Biji (Graverobbers' Chronicles) with 14%
Identity V with 13%

In addition, Honkai: Star Rail and Houkai Gakuen will also be added to the whitelist based on staff's further understanding of how closely related the Honkai games are to each other. Those two are just the main examples, but this will also include any Honkai other titles as well (just let us know!)

These will be whitelisted on 2023/06/10 at 8 PM GMT+2.

Eight cycle
View spoilerHide spoilerWinners:
Link Click with 17%
VA11 HALL-A with 15%
Honor of Kings with 14%

Seventh cycle
View spoilerHide spoilerWinners:
Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation with 26%
Avian Romance with 14%
Enmusubi no Yoko-chan with 13% (90 votes)
Skullgirls with 13% (90 votes)

Due to a tie in votes for the latter two, both will be whitelisted this time. The next time a vote ties, the winner will be decided randomly.

These will be whitelisted on 2023/05/27 at 8 PM GMT+2.

Sixth cycle
View spoilerHide spoilerThe sixth batch of votes has concluded with the following results:
Goddess of Victory: Nikke with 10%
Onmyoji with 22%
Non-Japanese Vocaloids with 31%.

These will be added to the whitelist on 2023/05/20 at 8 PM GMT+2.

In addition, due to human failure, Heaven Official's Blessing will be whitelisted along with those three.

Fifth cycle
View spoilerHide spoilerThe fifth batch of votes has concluded with the following results:
Blue Archive with 32%
NU: Carnival with 22%

These will be added to the whitelist on 2023/05/13 at 8 PM GMT+2.

Fourth cycle
View spoilerHide spoilerThe fourth batch of votes has concluded with the following results:
Honkai Impact with 33%
RWBY with 20%

To be added to the whitelist on 2023/05/06 at 8 PM GMT+2.

Third cycle
View spoilerHide spoilerThe third batch of votes has concluded with the following results:
Arknights with 30%
Punishing: Gray Raven with 17%

To be added to the whitelist on 2023/04/29 at 8 PM GMT+2.

Next votes begin on 2023/05/02 at 8 PM GMT+2.

Second cycle
View spoilerHide spoilerThe second batch of votes has concluded with the following results:
Azur Lane with 26%
League of Legends with 26%

These origins will be added to the whitelist on 2023/04/15 at 8 PM GMT+2, which is in about 20 1/2 hours from the time of this update.

In addition, based on the poll results of BLOG #58444, Girls' Frontline will be added to the whitelist on 2023/04/21 at 9 PM GMT+2.

Furthermore, the same will apply to the following origins:

Astro Boy (2009 film)
Castlevania (Netflix)
The Godzilla stuff
Pokémon Detective Pikachu
Sonic Boom
Sonic the Hedgehog movies
Street Fighter Duel
Streets of Rage 4
The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)

Finally, the votes for the next origins will begin on 2023/04/24 at 8 PM GMT+2 and end on 2023/04/28 at 8 PM GMT+2.

First cycle
View spoilerHide spoilerThe two first votes for the non-Japanese origins to be added to the whitelist have concluded.

The winners are:
Genshin Impact with 43%
Dokidoki Literature Club with 32%

of the votes.

Those two origins will be added to the whitelist tomorrow, 2023/03/27, at 8 PM GMT+2, which is in roughly 23 hours from now (probably 22 by the time I am done typing this).

What does this mean?

Being on the whitelist means that these origins will be allowed to bypass the restrictions placed on non-Japanese origins, meaning:

-figures may be added even when manufactured by non-Japanese manufacturers.
-goods will also be eligible for addition to the database
-whitelisted origins are considered entirely equal to Japanese ones, meaning figures and goods released worldwide may be added.

Important points
1. For non-Japanese releases, the corresponding country should be selected and the price entered in the local currency. This is possible through the updated release field through which a multitude of countries may now be selected.

2. If a manufacturer/distributor lists the price in a currency that does not match their country (JPY in Great Britain, for instance), then the country option "Global" must be selected along with the currency listed by the manufacturer/distributor.

The same applies to manufacturers/distributors that state they have warehouses in other countries and will ship their items from the one nearest to the client.

3. Store links or, at the very least, sources that link items to their manufacturer and prove that they are not unlicensed merchandise are required. Store links may be posted under "Further information", all other sources should be entered into the new "Sources"-field.

This also means that items may be added that are still in production/planning and have yet to be released.

4. For Doujin goods, please keep in mind that event-only goods are presently not allowed (not for long, though)

5. If items got a Japanese release on top of the non-Japanese original release, the Japanese release should be listed in addition to the original one.

6. Items sold through non-official Taobao stores are not being accepted. We apologize for the inconvenience, but the verification process, at present, is too unreliable for Taobao in consideration of the abundance of unlicensed merchandise on there.

7. To reiterate - sources are required for any and all items belonging to whitelisted origins released by non-Japanese manufacturers. Items without sources may be subject to removal without warning.

8. Regarding information on AmiAmi - if information on release dates etc. is missing, it must be provided if available at another store. If AmiAmi's information differs from that listed by another formerly whitelisted distributor, the other distributor's information should be listed, unless the item is an actual AmiAmi exclusive.

9. Please be aware that any and all of these points may be subject to further amendments or additions. Users will be informed of such at the time.

10. Reminder that just because an non-whitelisted origin gets multiple figures added into the database doesn't mean that other figures and merchandise are automatically allowed. All additions need to have whitelisted origins if not manufactured by a whitelisted company.

11. Final reminder - sources are required.

For the purpose of bringing up anything not allowed under the current rules, please refer to this thread: thread/19118
Instructions inside, but we'd like to get a good look at what it is we are not covering right now. Based on that, we can make further adjustments to the rules, which will also help this go over with as small an amount of hiccups as possible.

Whether it's adding items or providing this kind of information - any help is more than welcome.

Just one general request - please read the rules. When adding goods and figures, please look at comparable (good) entries and don't try to get by with the minimum amount of information possible. Don't use the title to enter the information you're supposed to automatically add by selecting proper categories and classifications. Add the store links. Ask if you have questions (there is no shame in it, really - we have an entire club full with people who want to help you!). Just don't add crappy entries for the sake of adding them - if this goes over well, the next batch will be sped up significantly, because the amount of work required to fix all these entries is a significant factor in determining by how much we decrease the current three weeks.

2023/06/30: Addition of whitelisting companies added
2023/06/02 9:45 PM GMT+2: Restriction regarding whitelisted stores lifted, information on international releases added
2023/05/01 11:12 PM GMT+2: Added clarification on second-hand listings (not allowed).
2023/04/15 8:19 PM GMT+2: AmiAmi added as whitelisted retailer.
2023/04/14 11:38 PM GMT+2: Added second batch of origins
2023/03/27 7:23 PM GMT+2: Added clarification on Doujin goods being allowed even if not sold by non-whitelisted retailer as long as manufactured by a Japanese company.
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SO excited for Myethos to be whitelisted. Thank you so much for your efforts
11 minutes ago
I never thought I would see this happening! It's awesome!
Thanks for the hard work! I'm sure it's not easy.

And hoping to see ENTRY #159629 whitelisted someday!
36 minutes ago
Thank you so much for this amazing news and your hard work!!

I can’t wait especially for more companies to be added! Will you be asking for suggestions/companies for consideration?

Thanks again for all your hard work <3
1 hour ago
I would like to suggest Star Ace Toys for consideration to be whitelisted as it is a branch of a Japanese company
1 hour ago

Thanks for all the hard work making the necessary changes to the website to make this possible! Really goes a long way to improve the community as a whole and a big quality of life improvement for tracking our collections.
3 hours ago
i really hope astrum design gets added. they have a ton of lovely figures that aren't added yet
3 hours ago
Awesome news! If it's possible to make suggestions I'd like to see Ribose, Apex and Fengrong
5 hours ago
I'd like to request for Crobidoll to be considered for future company whitelisting!
5 hours ago
I'm happy to see non-Japanese companies get added. I don't really care about voting as long as some other popular ones get added such as:


I'm probably forgetting some others.
5 hours ago
Common MFC mod W

Adding onto the list of manufacturers I'd like to see, I'd love to have Ringdoll whitelisted. I understand that they're probably pretty low on the priority list though, seeing as they're BJDs and have much smaller production sizes than most anime figures.
5 hours ago

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