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siggysiggy8 hours ago
Hi again! After yesterday's checklist, I thought, why not make one with the dere types?
I chose 9 out of zillions, so feel free to add whichever types you like to the list.

Here're mine:


Oh, and for those who are not familiar with "deres" here's a short explanation:

1) Tsundere: All the Asukas out there! The ones that have a dual personality, alternating between being cold, aloof, or even hostile (tsun) and affectionate, sweet, or loving (dere). They often display a tough exterior but have a softer side that they gradually reveal as the story progresses.

2) Yandere: They might be initially sweet, gentle, and loving, but they possess a deeply unstable and obsessive nature. They can become possessive, manipulative, and even violent when their affection is threatened, often leading to dangerous or extreme behaviour.

3) Kuudere: They are typically cool, calm, and composed. They tend to display a reserved or emotionless exterior, often coming across as distant or detached. However, beneath their stoic facade, they may harbour emotions that they slowly reveal over time.

4) Dandere: These are initially quiet, shy, and socially awkward. They often struggle with expressing themselves verbally but may open up and become more affectionate and talkative once they feel comfortable around specific individuals or in certain situations.

5) Deredere: My fav. They are cheerful, energetic, and full of love and affection. They are generally very kind, and optimistic, and tend to have a positive outlook on life. Deredere characters often express their emotions openly and readily offer support and encouragement to others.

6) Himedere/Oujidere: Both share similar traits but with different gender associations. Himedere characters, often female, are portrayed as arrogant and demanding, expecting others to treat them like royalty or princesses. Oujidere characters, often male, exhibit similar entitlement and self-importance, expecting others to treat them like princes.

7) Bakadere: These are known for their airheadedness and silliness. They may lack intelligence or common sense but are endearing and often provide comedic relief in the story.

8) Genkidere: the ones full of boundless energy, enthusiasm, and optimism. They radiate positivity and infect those around them with their zest for life. They bring a lively and spirited presence to the story.

9) Undodere: incredibly lazy and unmotivated characters (mind me, the Garfields of the list). They may have a carefree and relaxed attitude, often preferring to avoid responsibilities or exert effort. Undodere characters tend to prioritize rest and leisure over other activities.

So, from your collection, which ones do you think fit those types?

You can find the template on my gallery: picture/3650821...

Hope you enjoy it and, you don't have to fill it up with Nendos only! You all can also sort other figures if you want.

Have a nice weekend!
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
1. Tsundere : Louise ofc my waifu ITEM #1917
2. Yandere well more yangire : ryuuguu rena ITEM #1065033 (there is a lack of yandere so yeah ^^;)
3. Kuudere: yuki nagato ITEM #27611 View spoilerHide spoilertho she's also dandere in the alt universe
4. Same as you tbh :) but if I have to pick another then hinata hyuuga ITEM #667643 or sakura ITEM #549376
5. Deredere: sakura kinomoto ITEM #689333
6. Hime or ojoudere: tamaki suoh ITEM #1781623 with lack of better tbh there aren't many out there. In his role he acts prince like or maybe Haruhi Suzumiya could fit but she's more kamidere
7. Bakadere: shin Chan XD ITEM #945850
8. Genkidere: kitagawa Marin ITEM #1464633
Just my opinion that she fits here ;)
9. Undodere: no idea can't find that it exists either...
I replace it with kamidere, Haruhi Suzumiya : ITEM #182
I do know undere though

Man was pretty hard finding nendos. I know plenty of characters but they had no nendos

Can redo without and have better examples haha

So with no nendos that are better examples: genkidere is Asa shigure
Yandere is yuno gasai
Himedere: erina nakiri or Sernia Iori Flameheart
Kuudere: reverie metherlance
Deredere: Tohru Honda
Kamidere: mio isurugi
Potential undodere: Kullweet Envatilia
4 hours ago
lauralone Flying a MiG-23
This takes me back to sixth grade…Why was this so hard to fill out-
5 hours ago
Just wanted to comment Kuudere >>>>>
7 hours ago
Wow I just learned 8 new terms I never knew existed, thank you for defining them :D. Now to see if I have characters with these personalities. I like the Deredere description the best :D
7 hours ago

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