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bugmuthbugmuth6 hours ago
I haven't been the best at keeping up with it, but AmiAmis sale section has been cooking recently. There are so many bangers.

There is speculation that this is a result of the amount produced not matching the amount ordered after recent price increases.

With the diverse selection as of now, theres no telling what is worth preordering and what will bin.

Seen any great deals lately?
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In AmiAmi’s sale pages, I got ITEM #1324069 for less than half price and cheaper than in pre-owned.

On Hobby Genki weekend deals just got ITEM #1359352 for JPY10494 plus shipping.
46 minutes ago
Companies got greedy with price increases and now people are leaving the hobby in droves mostly because of the ridiculous price increases so honestly almost everything is binning now. I look forward to all the bargains over the next 6-12months while companies think they cant still charge 30k yen for a 1/7th :') Not to mention all the Chinese companies pricing their figures very reasonably and producing much better quality.
1 hour ago
not super relevant but I plan on checking the sale section for 2 figures in hopes they oversell or bin in price bc I can't afford them otherwise. Hoping these 2 tank ITEM #1602630 ITEM #1476258 . Honorable mention is ITEM #1708836 but shes not a priority
2 hours ago
It kinda reflects that the new figures are not fairly priced. If you are interested in a figure but you expect the price to drop when the figure releases, and you decide to wait for it. The figure is to be released in a year and a half and you have to wait for additional two to three months for it to possibly go to the sale section. This is suck. It is really discouraging.
3 hours ago
I love seeing all the figures I pre-ordered going for 25% or more off. :) I am tempted by some, but where I'm at now I figure if I didn't want it at full price I probably don't want it at all.
3 hours ago
AmiAmi's sale section is a siren's call. There are a lot of FREEing 1/4's in there - I wonder if we're at a point where people are looking long and hard at shelling out 35000+ yen plus shipping for a figure. It seems like their sale section is also flush with original characters from some of these new Chinese manufacturers, and even properties/characters that once were sure things (Holo, Nekopara) are now binning.

Maybe the question is if we're looking at a figure bubble, particularly with talk of a recession being floated. There's just so much product right now with all of these new companies, and AmiAmi's preowned section has never been larger (back in the day, they'd have maybe 75-100 pages of inventory, but today it's at 600+).

I wonder if we're looking at a situation paralleling the North American anime bubble of the mid 2000's - lots of companies trying to get a piece of a pie with seemingly unlimited demand until the market pulls back, consumers start wondering if they are truly getting value, and there's a dip in discretionary spending.
4 hours ago
The funniest thing is that, in many cases, a brand-new figure in AmiAmi's sale section is cheaper than the exact same figure in the pre-owned section.

eStream figures seem to consistently bin really hard, which I suspect is a combination of high MSRP driving away pre-orders and a general distrust for the company's quality after the "hairdryer incident".

FuRyu shows up a lot in the sale section as well, I think similarly due to exponentially-growing MSRPs from a company known for average quality (I made the mistake of pre-ordering ITEM #1594416 and it KILLS me to see her going for almost half price nowadays).

When it comes to individual items, however, one of the largest percentage discounts I've seen in recent history is on ITEM #945601, which they currently have listed for a whopping 8500 JPY in contrast to her 20878 JPY original MSRP.
4 hours ago
It's interesting to see so many sales recently, given how expensive things had gotten in the last ~2 years. I wonder if the market has finally cooled off and they've got too much inventory.

I got ITEM #676026 on sale for a very good price recently. It was new in box, and I paid less than what I've seen it going for used.
5 hours ago
There's a few items I've been waiting to pounce on until they bin harder. Right now isn't a good time for preorders, but oh man is it ever good for pre-owned bargain bin searching fiends (me). Only downside is the shipping costs are still high, but at least the low figure costs kind of offset that.
5 hours ago
Not just AmiAmi, I feel yahoo auction / mercari etc.
Many good deals.

I have robbed wallet-kun this month. Poor guy.
5 hours ago

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