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Panda_RollPanda_Roll5 hours ago
So I thought this was just a local thing since Ikea has it on their website as "last chance" to buy but it turns out that it's coming from the top.

Ikea is discontinuing the Detolf effective Jan 2024.

An alternative that's out is the BLÅLIDEN which is smaller but has a metal frame for more support. Sadly it's a bit of a light weight was a 3Kg max per shelf carrying weight. What is that like two bunnies?


It also makes me wonder why these things don't come with UV protection glass. I could understand it for the old and cheap detolf but all the new curio cabinets come with Fade protection (for obvious reasons!) except Ikea.

Any thoughts on this?
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Thoughts on the Detolf being discontinued.

40%meh, I never cared for it.
6%I like the new one better.
6%Good riddance
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I don't use detolf as I like the look of figures with manga on the billy bookshelves with the glass doors but I sympathize with users who do. That SUCKS from a consistency standpoint. Also, why the heck did they raise the price so much just to discontinue it and put it on sale. That's messed up.
56 minutes ago
Well that goes the legendary detolf, I really like this when I was just starting on this hobby and I have 5 of these, 4 of those 5 are still made of thick glasses. and they only cost around $59 (or $69?) back at 2016.

I was at Ikea last Sunday and they sell this at a whooping $129!! The last and I mean THE LAST Detolf I bought and will never again was over a year ago for $99 and boy the quality went down as the price went up, I understand the inflation but reducing the quality too? seems they are cost cutting by using thinner glass, I didn't noticed it until when I got home and start assembling it, I assembled 4 of these and I noticed right away and decided to look for alternatives. I'm switching to moducase, the only drawback with moducase is the lead time, back to topic.

They reduced the thickness of the Glass on all sides, ok fine but the shelf too? Which means I can't place too much per shelf, mind that I'm already doing it by not cramming a lot per shelf but reducing them further? nah~, yea there are alternatives like shelves made of 1/4 thick acrylic, tried them. they work but the cost will just go up. how much it cost me detolf + acrylic shelves? it's almost $200 (that inludes the tax+shipping altogether).

If they are discontinuing it I don't see any reason to sell it for $129, they are just ripping poor people's money or cause panic buying for fellow collectors then a few months later its back again under a different name lol.
1 hour ago
ive never owned a detolf nor do I plan to. Im fine with putting figures on my book shelf. (I have no space in my room to install a detolf t-t)
1 hour ago
F man, that sucks for detolf devotees.

I'm a billy user, myself, so it doesn't affect me.
1 hour ago
Honestly as someone who owns 4 detolfs, I don't rate them, they are honestly terrifying to own not knowing if they are going to shatter or not. The shelf weight for detolfs is also 3kgs so there isn't really any worries there but at the same time I wouldn't put more than 2-3 bunnies per shelf. I know it's bigger but I definitely recommend the Milsbo over a detolf, the shelves are like double the thickness, they are more stable and honestly much easier to move if you're moving house.
1 hour ago
Wow, Fs in chat for new collectors

Luckily, I'm out of room in my display area for a sixth detolf, so I'm content with the five I have.
1 hour ago
Hopefully people still sell them secondhand OR Ikea comes out with a better version. It's a really good shelf for people just getting into the hobby.

I personally use a Vittsjo but I'm excited to see if they come out with anything new.
2 hours ago
I was lucky and got my detolfs off of FB marketplace. I like how the new ones look well enough, but I'm not sure about the size being smaller. My detolfs can barely contain what I own as it is.
2 hours ago
DotsAndSwirls3 hours ago#125731903I have a Milsbo! Got it for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, so I haven't had it that long. But I really like it!

Thats great, thanks for sharing. Hopefully they come back in stock soon
2 hours ago
NinjaJamez3 hours ago#125731885Ikea just came to my country less than a year ago and they never had Detolfs, guess they never will now.
I was looking at a cabinet they sell called the Milsbo that looks really good but it keeps getting sold out, does anyone have one of those?

I have a Milsbo! Got it for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, so I haven't had it that long. But I really like it!
3 hours ago

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