What Goddesses do you have in your collection?What Goddesses do you have in your collection?Polls

TyjosAzariTyjosAzari2 hours ago
Do you have any Goddesses in your collection MFC?

Thought I was pretty much finished with things for collecting for a bit but decided to go ahead and mark one thing wanted the most off my list for next month.

After going to the Casino decided it was better to just go ahead and get that figure.

Not much luck except winning back most of what I took down there with me so only had a $30 loss and will get that back selling a Light Saber locally this weekend.

Feels like after loosing a little bit at the Casino I feel compelled to spend some on a figure just to feel like had something to show for that day lol

Good thing can get back to work on cleaning things out to generate more $$$

1 of the 2 items selected for July has now been picked up so can focus my efforts for July into picking up maybe 2 more figures.

ITEM #302025 Getting Hestia in sometime next week and this has me looking at what Goddesses I've got in this collection and there are a few Goddesses in the collection!

After getting 2 Goddesses into the collection in June ITEM #805896 and ITEM #805897 will have to get the Stacia figure ITEM #805895 to complete that set next month!


I do have 2 other sets of the SAO Goddesses in the collection
ITEM #1003549
ITEM #945049
ITEM #1102480
ITEM #1145475
ITEM #1216991
ITEM #1088895


The other Goddesses I've got are mainly the ones from Ah My Goddess!

ITEM #6360
ITEM #6362
ITEM #6533


I do have 1 Demoness in the collection
ITEM #6856

Hild's one of my top favorite Demonesses in Anime!

Hild and Urd both top favs of mine from Ah My Goddess!

There are 2 Demons in the Collection ITEM #1209165 and ITEM #1213434

Also have one of my favorite Demon Lords in Anime in the collection ITEM #1450931

But feels great to have one of my favorite Goddesses coming in!


Hestia is Bestia!


May end up getting Hestia's Prize Figure next month ITEM #289095 since Hestia is a character I love a lot and need more of her in the collection!

Still need to get a Skuld figure to complete the set of the Ah My Goddess figures.

Goddesses are one of my favorite things in Anime and always love how well designed they are at times.

And even better when there are some drop dead gorgeous Demonesses out there too!

Finding would love to add some Demons to this collection over the next few months, may end up having to look for those characters I do need to get a certain Useless Goddess into this collection soon too.

Do you have any Goddesses in your collection?

Do you have any Demonesses/Demons in your collection?

Almost forgot about one of my other favorite Goddesses ITEM #1039941 got so many figures it's getting hard to keep up with them all!
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This was an interesting question. I have a variety of characters that are supernatural in some way, but I had to think for a bit about which ones are actually called goddesses. Came up with only a few:

ITEM #18355 Skuld, Ah My Goddess
ITEM #198932 Bast, ancient Egypt (Puzzle & Dragons)
ITEM #441772 Bast ver2, ancient Egypt (Puzzle & Dragons)
1 hour ago
I mean Miku is basically a god so yeah, I'd say so.
1 hour ago
Does Ishtar and ershkigal count?
1 hour ago

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