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Hi guys, don’t you just hate it when you buy a figure second handed from someone and they tell you there is no damages and then the day right after it arrives it breaks? Then when you check the photos the seller sent you turns out; there was a white crack! So now you know the seller was lying to your face and won’t respond to your messages. ARRR it’s so Frustrating because I bought

ITEM #1096758

For my friend, and she had it for 2 days before it broke. And then when we looked at the photos the seller sent we noticed that the part where it broke actually had a white line on it when you zoom REALLY REALLY in. I have literally asked the seller about any defects and stuff and they said there wasn’t any!! I asked more advanced collectors with 40+ figures in their collection and their response was that it actually looked glued on and just didn’t bother to tell us!

What’s even more upsetting is that we thought it would be better than our Mercari experience, in which the seller told us that the condition was new but displayed and we found so many paint defects.

So that’s my little rant, I’m currently waiting for PayPal to reply back as the seller won’t reply to my message
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It's good to vent after going through a very bad experience with a seller. I usually don't vent on this site but I'm not above not venting on this site. I do hope you find a solution that would be in your favor whatever that is... and legal.
20 minutes ago
I'm sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately experiences like that happen no matter how careful you are.

I actively sell on Mercari and Depop, sellers like that give the rest of us a bad name. I always do my best to carefully document any damage an item may have. No one likes bad surprises like that. Hopefully PayPal can help you both out.
35 minutes ago
It’s funny you say this bc this happened last year when my friend bought me a figure for my birthday. Luckily he was fixable, but I hope you can get at leas some money back for her.
1 hour ago

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