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What is MyFigureCollection.net?

Founded in April 2008, MyFigureCollection.net (aka. MFC) is a community website for Japanese pop-culture (anime, manga, video-games, etc.) goods (figures, artbooks, CDs, cups, collectibles, dakimakura, etc.) collectors. In addition to the possibility to meet people sharing the same Passion, MFC provides several services such as online collection manager, databases, pictures, calendar, budget manager, encyclopedia and much more.

Privacy Policy

Note: MFC stands for MyFigureCollection.net;

  • MFC does not willingly record any personal information;
  • MFC does use cookies to save some of your options on your computer;
  • MFC does use Google Analytics (without personal identifiable information PII) and Google Ads products; see Google's Privacy policy for more information;
  • You can control Ad Personalization by Google Ads and Google products by visiting the Google Ad Settings page;
  • You can opt out of being counted in Google Analytics by installing a browser add on made by Google;
  • MFC does use third party advertising that may use cookies, IPs, and beacons to provide personalized ads. You can control this by using this opt out page.

How do I add items to my collection?

The main service provided by MFC is the possibility to keep track of your collection online. To get started and start listing your collection, you should start by getting familiar with our item database.

First, go on the search/browse page and look for the items of your collection by typing keywords in the appropriate fields. For instance, to find Haruhi figures manufactured by Max Factory, type 'Suzumiya Haruhi' in the Characters field (please note that Japanese names should always be written Lastname+Firstname) and type 'Max Factory' in the Companies field.

Click the Search button.

Click on your item thumbnail (if you have troubles distinguishing which item is which from the thumbnails, try to change the display mode - Diaporama mode is a good option to have a better view of the results) and you will land on the item page.

Click on the Add to my collection link.

In the popup window, select a Status (you can fill the other information if you want) and click on one of the Save buttons.

Congratulations, this Haruhi figure has been added to your collection (to edit your information you can click on the Edit link).

Note: to quickly build your collection, you can use your collection manager.

How do I delete an item from the database?

Only moderators and above have the ability to delete items from the database.
If you need an item to be deleted, alert.

What is the meaning of 'Cast off'?

Cast off means that the figure contains removable parts and when these parts are removed, the figure becomes NSFW/capable of full bodily nudity, top or bottom.

This means that figures with removable skirts etc are not considered cast off, unless the bottom half is completely naked (no underwear) after the skirt is removed.

Force cast-off (breaking a section of the figure to cast off) should not be marked on the entry if it leaves conspicuous damage on the figure.

What is a 'Draft' entry?

Entries are marked as draft when there is a poor quality main shot and/or there is a lack of information. It allows everyone to edit the entry.

While we allow users to freely apply the draft tool when needed, please be wise to use it when necessary. Take the time to look for information you need before marking an entry as a draft. If you are found to be abusing the draft tool, you may be banned from making alterations/additions to the database.

Database Guidelines

Legend: Right Wrong examples.


Gold Rules

Items that violate copyright laws are not allowed.

Ex: E2046, Chaoer, Miya Records, Ever Anime, etc.

Please read The Pirate FAQ from Otaku News.


Generic Rules

How to write? How to romanize cf. Faq #103

About titles: Title is NOT a required field! Must be used for:
  • Book/CD titles.
  • Objects (e.g. Haruhi's School Uniform).
  • Generic characters (e.g. Neko #1).
  • Original characters that do not need an encyclopedia entry.

About prices: Prices must be in Japanese yens without the taxes (5% if release date is prior April 2014, 8% until October 2019 and 10% thereafter).

About official shots: Not tagged official/promotional pictures (provided by manufacturers) required. If such a picture can't be found (old items, upcoming items), you can use your own picture or a picture found on the Internet (make sure you have the photographer's authorization before uploading). Don't forget to mark your entry as draft in this case.
Jpeg (.jpg), png (.png) and gif (.gif) up to 2048x2048 pixels and 1MB.


Adding Figurines

Can be added to MFC database any figure that is a 3D representation of an entity* coming from one or more Japanese origins** OR, coming from one or more non Japanese origins but manufactured by a Japanese maker (Japanese branch only).

Japanese origin AND Japanese manufacturer = OK
Japanese origin AND Non Japanese manufacturer = OK
Non Japanese origin AND Japanese manufacturer = OK
Non Japanese origin AND Non Japanese manufacturer = NO

Japanese origin OR Japanese manufacturer = OK

Manufacturer is required.
Garage Kits must have a Circle listed and confirmed sales at an event or mailorder.
Unknown will not be accepted as a Manufacturer.
If adding an event, ensure it is added in full eg. Wonder Festival, Comic Market (see also 'Event' options).

*Entity: character, vehicle or object.
**Origin: movies, books, shows, video-games, world history, pop-icons, original-characters or landmarks.

  • Acessories - figure accessories sold separately (ex: doll clothes, figma accessories, official displays and bases).
  • Action/Dolls - articulated figures and dolls.
  • Prepainted - assembled and painted figures.
  • Garage Kits - unassembled and/or not painted resin figures.
  • Model Kits - unassembled plastic models and papercrafts.
  • Trading - capsule toys (Gashapon/Gachapon), candy toys (Shokugan) and trading figures (very small and/or cheap figures and/or toys that come in blinded boxes).

No generic objects/characters. An item will be deemed generic if it has no name or origin. This extends to blank dolls and parts designed for customization purposes. If a doll/figure is designed to be blank for artistic purposes, the item will not be considered generic. eg. figma archetypes. Exceptions: Re-Ment, items falling in the Accessories category.

No custom figures. There must be more than one exemplary (except official limited-to-one releases).

One entry per character. If two or more characters are sold together but can be easily separated and displayed alone, please create an entry for each character. Separated characters must have the same significance (to be displayed separately they must have individual bases and also not be a pet or miniature, see examples or ask if you are not sure). If the characters can't be separated according to the previous rule, please link all the characters to the entry.

GSC's Kyouka and Gekka
Bome's Kaname and Teletha

- If possible, thumbnails must be cropped as a closeup of the character's face.
- When adding a picture with multiple items (e.g. sets of goods in one image), please crop the thumbnail to focus on one item.


Adding Goods

Any object with the head of a character/vehicle/object coming from one or more Japanese anime/manga/movies/books/shows/video-games/history/pop-icons.

Manufacturer is required
Unknown will not be accepted as a Manufacturer.
If adding an event, ensure it is added in full eg. Wonder Festival, Comic Market (see also 'Event' options).

  • Apparel - T-shirts, hair bands, jewels, bags, hats, cosplay, etc.
  • Dishes - tea cups, mugs, plates, etc.
  • Hanged up - keychains, phone straps, plushes that are meant to be hanged up, etc.
  • Linens - pillow covers, towels, bed sheets, dakimakura, etc.
  • Misc - badges, pins and other misc objects.
  • Plushes
  • Stationeries - pencil boards, pens, mail blocks, mousepads, keyboards, covers for cellphones etc.
  • On Walls - tapestries, posters, wall scrolls.

Officially licensed stuff only!
Doujin goods are not allowed except the ones where proof of online sale within Japan is provided. Circle is required and should always be in the "Company" field; a link to the item page on the shop website is required and the "Doujin Goods" classification must be used!

No promotional posters.
No perishable or single use goods (items you usually dispose of after use).


Adding Media

Media released in Japan (Japanese releases only).
Bundled Media can be added as separate entries if they meet Bundled Media guidelines.
Unknown will not be accepted as a Publisher/Label/Developer.
If adding an event, ensure it is added in full eg. Wonder Festival, Comic Market (see also 'Event' options).
  • Explicit NSFW gallery photos are prohibited. This includes doujinshi and artbook sample pages, official eroge screenshots, etc. Artistic nudity is permitted by exception on a case-by-case basis.

  • Books - Japanese-pop-culture-related books.
  • Music - anime, Japanese video-games, idols and seiyuu related CDs.
  • Video - anime, drama, anime-related and idols concerts.
  • Games - Japanese video-games.

Officially licensed stuff only!

Doujin medium are not allowed (see the Doujinshi exception below for doujin books).

Adding music Rules&Recommendations

  • Catalog ID and/or JAN is required.
  • Do not repeat the origin in the title.
  • Crop full cover for thumbnail. Crop only a SFW section for NSFW covers.
  • Add the type of CD (Album, Single, Original Soundtrack, Opening Theme, Ending Theme, etc.) in the "classification" field.
  • Manufacturer is "Label".
  • Fill in "Characters" only if those characters' seiyuu are actually meant to sing as playing/being those characters (character songs for instance). Do not fill it just because they are on the cover.
  • Beware of bootlegs. Do not add those CDs in our database, you will lose your time and make us lose ours.
  • "Disks" is the number of discs that contain music (CDDA - Compact Disc Digital Audio).
  • Label is required.

Adding books Rules&Recommendations

  • ISBN is required (except "official" special-event (comiket, etc.) releases).
  • Add the type of book (Artbooks, Mooks, Comics, etc.) in the "Classification" field.
  • Do not repeat the origin in the title.
  • Crop full cover for thumbnail. Crop only a SFW section for NSFW covers.
  • Use the "Numbering" field (or the "#ID" field next to classifications) to count volumes.
  • Fill in "Characters" only if the book is entirely dedicated to one character (photobook, etc.) or two (AxB doujin, etc.) characters. Do not fill it just because they are on the cover.
  • No magazines.
  • Publisher is required.

Doujin books (comics & illustration books) are exceptionally allowed. There must be more than one exemplary; Circle is required and should always be in the "Company" field; use the "Doujinshi" classification and the type of Doujinshi must be specified, eg. art books, comics, novels, etc.

Original Doujin Origins

In order for an Original Doujin Origin to be eligible for conversion into its own separate Origin, it must fulfill at least one of the following criteria:
1. The Doujin Origin was, at one point after its creation, licensed by a company and official merchandise was commercially released under this IP.
2. Merchandise of the concerned Origin must exist in at least 2 of the 3 main categories (Figures, Goods, Media) and there must be at least one item that is not
  • a Doujin item or
  • sold first-hand exclusively through Doujin consignment stores (such as Melonbooks or Toranoana, among others) or other first-hand sale options employed by Doujin circles (such as BOOTH or comparable privately operated online stores)

Adding videos Rules&Recommendations

  • Add the type of support (DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS, etc.) in the "Classification" field.
  • Catalog ID is required.
  • Use the "Numbering" field (or the "#ID" field next to classifications) to count volumes.
  • Crop full cover for thumbnail. Crop only a SFW section for NSFW covers.
  • No "Characters" should be linked.
  • Publisher is required.

Adding games Rules&Recommendations

  • JAN code is required.
  • Crop full cover for thumbnail. Crop only a SFW section for NSFW covers.
  • No "Characters" should be linked.
  • Developer is required.

For console games
  • Add the type of console (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii etc.) in the "Classification" field.
  • Use the "Further Information" field for the CERO Rating.

  • Link all relevant game origins.
  • Do not create a new origin for the compilation unless there is new content (see Remakes).
  • Compilation name goes in the version field.

The above also applies to compilation associated goods.

  • Do not create a new origin unless there is new content (characters, story etc).
  • HD remakes should list the original origin with HD in the version field.
  • Remakes that share a name with the original origin use the same origin, not a new one.

Items based on AI-created images
Items based on AI-created images are expressly forbidden and won't be accepted in the database. For further information, refer to BLOG #59351

How to find items using the quick search box?

To find particular items, try to combine simple keywords such as 'nendo', 'akiyama', 'petit', 'alter'. If you still can't find the item you are looking for, try #<Item ID> as a keyword (e.g. #10).

What are JAN/ISBN/Catalog ID codes?

A JAN Code is a number that uniquely identify products. Each products commercialized in Japan has its own JAN Code. You can usually find it on your product box.
More about JAN.

Show examplesHide examplesFigures-

[img] static.myfigure...[/img]





A book ISBN-13 always starts with 978.
Please use the converter available on the Add an entry page to update your ISBN-10 to ISBN-13.
More about ISBN.

For books, JAN code = ISBN.
NB. Code(s) must be 13 digits, remove dashes and spaces or the entry might not be stored. e.g. 978-3-16-148410-0 --> 9783161484100

Catalog ID-
Physical media releases (CDs, games, etc.) have a catalog number, assigned to them by the label or manufacturer releasing them. Usually, this number includes letters and numbers, maybe separated by a dash or space. This number is mostly printed on the case spine or near the barcode if one exists.
- NB. You may also add the barcode (JAN) number in addition to the catalog ID if one exists.

  • Any of the above should not be mistaken for general store catalogue numbers or Amazon ASIN codes.

How do I add an entry to the encyclopedia?

MyFigureCollection does not really host a character/origin/artist/etc. encyclopedia that's why the only way to add an entry to the encyclopedia is through the item addition page. Indeed to be allowed to be added to our encyclopedia, an entry (character/origin/artist/etc.) should be linked to at least one item (figures/goods/etc.). Specifically, to add an entry to the encyclopedia, you have to first find an item that could be linked to this entry. Then when you add this item you'll be able to add the new entry at the same time.

Here is the page to add an item.

Orphan entries are regularly deleted.

Is there a way to know when a new figure of my favorite character is added to the database?

Yes. Browse the encyclopedia and look for your favorites characters/origins/artists/etc. and for each of them click on the Subscribe link.

How do I edit an item in the database?

Only member rank VIB and above can edit all entries.

To edit an item, click on the Edit link.

If your member rank is RGB, you can only edit the entries that you have added or entries that are in Draft status. If an entry needs to be edited and you do not have the permissions to, alert.

NB. When editing is completed, please use the comment box to leave information, as to why the edition was made or source links etc. e.g. "Replaced item picture with better resolution and cropped." or "Added new release date/information found at (link)."
- A left comment will help staff to verify changes made, as well as avoiding any misunderstanding, because the member who made the entry will receive a notification of an edit, if it wasn't made by themselves.

How do I add an item to the database?

/!\ Before adding an item, always check to see if it is already in the database by running a search.

To add an item, click on Databases then on Add an entry.

What is a 'Repost'?

A repost is an entry for a particular figurine that already exists in the database.

I found a gross mistake. What should I do?

Alert if you are not allowed to edit yourself.

If you request changes a source is required.

Adding Bundled Media

Bundled Media items can be added as separate entries if they meet the following requirements:

• The bundled/free item has to be linked to the main item that was sold if that item meets other criteria to be allowed on MFC (the whole bundle wasn’t distributed for free)
• For an item to be eligible it needs to be a separate item that fits into an existing Media types on MFC. If, for example, an OST comes on multiple CDs split between 2 CD cases, it still counts as one item.
• The bundled item needs to meet a certain standard for entries (decent quality cover, proper Title, Release, Catalog ID for CDs)
• If the item is exclusive to one store, the store must be added as Distributor and Release set to Exclusive
• Miscellaneous details about the item, like the ones listed below, can be added in Further information:
  • Shop link (for Exclusive releases)
  • Conditions for obtaining the item (time period, purchase at least a certain number of goods or amount of money) if they can’t be inferred from other fields and related entries

Valid examples of split items:
• Books
• Mixed media (a combination of Music/Video/Games) that come in separate CD cases

Invalid examples of split items:
• Leaflets (“books” with <4 pages)
• Music/Video/Games/Software that come in one case (jewel case/DVD case/digipack/etc.)
• Music CD + booklet, game + game manual

What is the meaning of the 'Event' options: Exhibition, Sale, Auction, Lottery?

The purpose of this field is to specify which event a figure or item was sold at. Entries that have this information are most likely Limited, Exclusive, or Limited + Exclusive because they are only available at these events. This feature is located on the "Add an entry" page underneath the material field and before the title field.

Only use this feature for items that are sold at events. In other words there is no need to add a laundry list of events to prototypes that travel from festival to festival (e.g. sculpts from popular manufacturers such as Orchid Seed).

Drop-down tab meanings:

Exhibition - event where vendors and individuals sell items.
ExampleWonder Festival, Comic Market, San Diego Comic Con, etc.
Sale - a special event where an item is sold that cannot be found anywhere else.
ExampleGift Winter Campaign, fan shops, etc.
Auction - event tailored to auctioning off a specific item or items.
ExampleExclusive doll auctions.
Lottery - Event where an item can be obtained by chance.
ExamplePurchase of lottery tickets, through store credits, contests, etc.

Why are some entries marked as 'Counterfeit'?

Sadly, an entry is marked as Counterfeit when unscrupulous people have made fake version(s) of the item. Those fake versions are usually really bad copies of the original items that are sold at a lower price. They are often made with bad quality materials that can be dangerous for you health. Buying fake items is: hurting yourself, hurting the anime/manga industry and your favorite authors, being scammed, making mafia live and exist.

Bootleg pictures here: pictures.php?mo...
A good read about bootlegs: www.otakunews.c...

Encyclopedia Guidelines

How to write?

Each word that is not a particle must start with a upper case letter. Ex: right way to write is Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, wrong ways could be suzumiya haruhi no yuuutsu, Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuuutsu.

Do not use full upper case words. Ex: right way to write is Gainax, wrong ways could be GAINAX.

How to romanize?

Please use the Hepburn method and the Wāpuro variation for long vowels. Fancy characters shall be removed.

Particles: へ is e, は is wa and を is o
Long vowels: 大きい is Ookii, 東京 is Toukyou, etc.

Ex: right ways to romanize are Kyou, Yuuutsu, Boku o mite, Toukyou e iku, Boku wa dare desu ka. Wrong ways could be Kyo, Kyō, Kyô, Kyoh, Yuutsu, Yūutsu, Yûutsu, Boku wo mite, Tokyo he iku, Boku ha dare desu ka.

Exception: Character's names having an official romanization should be named following this official romanization. Ex: Tohsaka Rin, Tohno Minagi.

- In addition, loanwords (usually written in Katakana) from non-Japanese languages should be romanized in accordance with their spelling in those original languages. Ex: オータム/Autumn, アルバイト/Arbeit etc.

How to name?

Names have to be original Japanese names. English, French and whatever translations/adaptations should be added as aliases. Ex: right way to name is Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, wrong way could be The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Japanese names will be written Last name + First name Ex: right way to name is Fujibayashi Kyou, wrong way is Kyou Fujibayashi.

Please add official Japanese names (in Japanese) in the 名前 field. An official Japanese name can be written in full caps romaji if that is how the Japaneses decided to write it (it can also be a mix of romaji and kana, and so on).

Please note that there must be a space between name kanji. Ex: right way to name is 藤林 杏, wrong way is 藤林杏.

Western names will be written First name + Last name. Ex: right way to name is Jack Skellington, wrong way is Skellington Jack.

About aliases

Aliases shall be added only if their values are not completely contained int the entry name. Ex: name is John Smith, correct aliases could be John Douglas, Robert. Bad aliases could be John, Smith.

About descriptions

Always give your source. If your text is 100% original, sign your text.

Important: myanimelist.net is not a source (most of the texts are stolen from Wikipedia and ANN and they don't even care about linking to their sources) or a bad source. Always privilege Wikipedia.

Descriptions can be formatted using BBCode.

About images

Upload official images. Avoid fanarts (if you have no choice but to use a fanart always link to your source in the entry description). 1280x1280, 500kB max.

Important: myanimelist.net bordered images are ugly (it will take you two seconds to find nice images by googling Japanese names).

About Copyrights

Copyright holders must have an additional purpose beyond holding copyright to be included as an encyclopaedia entry, unless they are the main producer of the work.

About related entries (Characters)

Characters should be linked to specific origins as related entry if they either originate from that origin/franchise and/or play an active and permanent role within that origin. For instance, characters featured in a game only within the scope of collaboration events or comparable contexts with other media (crossover chapters or episodes), possibly temporarily, should not be linked to the origin as related entry.

How can I create a copy of an entry?

To create a copy of an entry (useful when adding several similar entries) you must be allowed to edit this entry. Go on the page of the entry you want to copy, click on the Edit link, change the information that needs to be, select a new picture (required), tick the Save as box (don't forget or you'll edit the entry without creating a copy) and click Submit.

What is the meaning of the 'Run' options: Canceled, Exclusive, Limited, Prize?

Canceled - when a prototype is no longer planned for production.
ExampleThe manufacturer has canceled plans to release the item.
Limited - when a limited number of pieces are available, limited color edition, you can only get it for a limited time, or it is only available at a convention.
ExampleOnly 300 pieces made
Limited Edition Gold version
Orders from 8/29 - 10/5
Sold at Wonder Festival / Comiket etc.

Exclusive - when it comes (bundled) with something or is only available through specific shops or through mail order.
ExampleBundled with a DVD / game
Sold at Volks Online Shop and Retail Store, NicoNico Online Store, AmiAmi Online Store etc.

Prize - available through contest, lottery or UFO catcher.
ExampleIchiban Kuji, Konami Prize Collection etc.

What are the different entry Categories?

Related Items Guidelines

Item A can be linked to Item B if:

Item A was sold with Item B.
Select a Bundled with relation type.

Item A is a variant of item B.
Select a Variant relation type.

If both 1- and 2- are applicable, go with 1-.

I found a repost. What should I do?

I found an entry that violates the rules. What should I do?

What are orphan entries?

Orphan entries are Encyclopedia entries, which have no figure or any other item associated with it. These entries are usually caused by the removal of items, which were not allowed in the database and where a new Encyclopedia entry was created.

In order to keep our database managable and save storage space, so called orphan entries will possibly get alerted and subsequently removed or may be removed without alerting on routine checks by members of staff.

Where can I find a picture ID?

About sources

Important: MFC is not a picture hosting service. Except where otherwise noted, pictures uploaded to MFC will be licensed under a Creative Commons By-NC-ND License.

Credit should be given to the author of the picture, by providing a valid source link and where possible the name of the author.

Valid sources:

Pages where the picture(s) can be found. A general web address of a source page for pictures, such as shop web addresses is accepted. However, it is preferred a full or more detailed source is given to the actual page, where the picture can be found. No direct linking to an image using a .jpg, .png, .gif, etc. file extension.

Example for Official PICTURE #14724 from ITEM #2:
http://www.AmiAmi.com - Ok, but not ideal

http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=HOB-FIG-5881 - Very good & desired

http://img.amiami.jp/images/product/review/072//HOB-FIG-5881_01.jpg - Image link; Not allowed

Invalid sources:

Common source pages, such as google.com, ebay.com, etc. are not considered valid sources, because they are not providing the actual source of a picture and due to changing content. Results shown are search term dependent, can be random and change constantly.

Note: MFC reserves the right, in its sole discretion to remove offending pictures from its website without notice and to banish users breaking our Gallery Guidelines. MFC will determine in its sole discretion if Gallery Guidelines are or aren't violated.

If you are the owner of a picture and want it to be removed, please alert to a member of staff or send your request to [email protected].

How is 'Picture of the Day' selected?

Each picture is assigned a Power according to the number of comments, favorites and views. The picture with the highest power for the previous day is selected as Picture of the Day.

What is the meaning of the 'Power' numbers?

Number of points for the picture according to the number of views, favorites and score.

Note: If you rate or favorite your own pictures those will not count as any points.

How do I link items to my pictures?

To help people find them, you can link items to your pictures -

1. Before uploading

Click on Upload on the item page.


And upload your pictures as you usually do.

2. After uploading

Click on Link/Unlink.


How do I create a banner?

MFC features an user-contributed banner rotation program. Everyone is free to suggest new banners.

Banner submissions are closed until further notice.

Credits are given here.

Why can't I rate pictures?

To avoid abuses, very new users are not allowed to rate pictures.

Gallery Guidelines

Important: MFC is not a picture hosting service. Upload only pictures you want to share with the community (random pictures are in a moderated way allowed for profile customization and blog post illustrations). Profile customization pictures should be either in Customization or Various (in case the user made them). Except where otherwise noted, pictures uploaded to MFC will be licensed under a Creative Commons By-NC-ND License.

Valid files: jpeg (.jpg), png (.png) and gif (.gif) up to 4400x4400 (19M) pixels and 4MB.
Pictures will be resized to a maximum resolution of 2048x2048 (4M) pixels.

Upload your pictures in the correct categories according to the subject of your pictures:
  • Figures* - Picture of one or several figures set in scene (not in boxes, packaging or several on shelves).
  • Items* - Pictures of items that are not figures (not in boxes or packaging). e.g. Goods, artbooks², etc.
  • Collections* - Picture of your collections (three or more items). e.g. Your collection of Nendoroids, your shelves, etc.
  • Loots&Boxes* - Pictures of your boxes. e.g. Packaging, figures still in their boxes, loots, etc.
  • Spaces* - Pictures of your rooms and workspaces.
  • Kits&Customs* - Pictures of your kits, custom made figures, self-painted GKs, repainted bootleg PVC and everything related (tools, kit parts and assembly sheets).
  • Exposition* - Pictures of exposed items (taken during events). e.g. Conventions, presentations, shop touring, etc.
  • Various* - Various creative pictures. e.g. Your drawings, your comics, your collages, your cosplays, your scans, etc.
  • Banners* - 1000x150 Banners (more).
  • Official** - Pictures provided by manufacturers (promotional pictures and official blog pictures) and major webshops (promotional pictures only). e.g. GSC, Alter, AmiAmi, Mika-tan, etc. No small/3rd party sources are allowed - wait until the official manufacturer or major website uploads the photos.
  • Chan** - Pictures "stolen" from the Internet. e.g. Figure/GK, 2chan, Akiba Hobby, Blogs, etc. and all social media photos (Twitter, FB, etc.). Exception: doujinshi artists and garage kit circles.
  • Customization**- Pictures “stolen” from the internet to customize your profile, articles, comments, forum signature, etc. (maximum of 25 per user)
  • Bootlegs*** - Pictures of counterfeit version of items, your purchased unpainted recasts (e.g. Antihero), painted kits from Gathering/YetiArt/etc.

* Categories that imply you being the photographer/author.
** You are NOT the photographer/author. Source has to be given.
*** Can be both of the above.
² Up to 5 -- front, back & 3 pages -- pictures an item -- books, CD booklets, etc.

Remember to correctly tag NSFW pictures.

If possible, don't forget to link your pictures to items.

All Official and Chan images must be linked to a related entry.
Offending pictures may be deleted without notice.

About scans and screenshotsCloseAllowed scans/screenshots are:
  • Figure/Goods information magazine scans (category is Various if you made it, Chan if you found it);
  • Assembly sheets (category is Kits&Customs if you made it, Chan if you found it);
  • Official scans/illustrations/screenshots provided for promotion by publishers (category is Official).
If no official scans/screenshots are available, user-made scans/screenshots are tolerated (up to 5 -- front, back & 3 pages -- scans an item -- books, CD booklets, etc.) but must be linked to the item. Category is Various if you made it, Chan if you found it. Scanlations are not allowed.

Note: Video game screenshots are only permitted if Official and are heavily moderated.

NB. A valid source is a link to the page where you found the picture. If possible, please provide the original source (page it appeared first) and credit the author. - About sources -

Note: MFC reserves the right, in its sole discretion to remove offending pictures from its website without notice and to banish users breaking these Gallery Guidelines. MFC will determine in its sole discretion if these Gallery Guidelines are or aren't violated.

About AI-generated images
AI-generated images of any kind are expressly forbidden and will be removed without further warning if uploaded.

How do I edit a picture's details (category, title, etc.)?

To edit your picture's details, click on Edit below your picture.

Note: You can mass-edit (category, nsfw, etc.) your pictures in your manager.

How to remove another user from my friends?

To remove another user from your friends:
  • Go to your account Manager page;
  • Select the user(s) you want to remove;
  • Click on Remove.

NB. You may also blacklist an user to stop receiving further communication. See also FAQ 135 about blacklisting.

Sale & Ad Guidelines

  • MFC sale section is here for from-collector-to-collector transactions and is not here to let you run your small (or big) lucrative business;
  • No professional sellers, no resellers, no auctions, no preorders, no bootlegs, one entry a sale;
  • No links in descriptions.
  • Do not PM other members offering or asking to sell items. Create a sales or wanted ad (How to)
  • For your sales advertisements, please make sure to upload at least one photo taken of the item by yourself.
    Ads posted with official promotion images or pictures taken from other users, channels or stores will be subject to deletion and may result in sales rights being revoked.

NB. We recommend you check out our Buy & Sell Good Practice Guide. In addition, please also keep an eye on our regularly updated Scam Alerts.

- Members should NEVER pay by means of "money order", "Bank Transfer", "PayPal Gift", Western Union or other uninsured payment methods. Only insured payment methods should be used, such as insured Paypal.
- If a seller insists you pay via an uninsured payment method, please report the seller in question.
- Should you receive unsolicited sales or purchase offers via PM or other inappropriate channels, please also report the user in question, especially if they are new.

How do I post in the forums?

There is not a global forum but a forum per club (cf. What's a club?). To post (reply and create new discussions) in the forum of a club, you must be a member of this club (cf. How do I join a club?). Once you have joined a club, you're allowed to post new replies and new discussions in the forum of this club.

Forum Guidelines

Pictures are allowed only if the TOTAL height of your signature is lower than 150 pixels and files are lighter than 200 kB. 600 characters maximum.

Blogging Guidelines

Articles should encourage a discussion and be related in the broadest means to the hobby in the respect of our Community Guidelines. In addition:
  • Do not post entries with only a link or pictures. e.g. only a YouTube link or pictures without any text, etc.
  • Write original content (to copy/paste content from your external blog is not recommended).
  • Sale posts are NOT allowed! e.g. "value guessing", promoting collection sales, trading requests, commissions or anything for financial gain or involving financial transactions. Crowdfunding projects, please use our dedicated forum: CLUB #1591
  • Shop questions/rants/reviews as well as shop(ping) related shipping and customs items are not permitted. Please instead use the relevant Shop Thread or try our shipping and customs forum.
  • AI-generated articles are expressly forbidden.

Tip: Before posting a new question, using the search function in the blog section may find what you're looking for.

How to create an entry? cf. Faq #133

Note: MFC reserves the right, in its sole discretion to remove offending submissions from its website without notice and to banish users breaking these or our Community Guidelines. MFC will determine in its sole discretion if Blogging or Community Guidelines are or aren't violated.

Community Guidelines

Note: MFC stands for MyFigureCollection.net. Updated March 6, 2022.

As a site that primarily features content produced and legally accepted in Japan, we allow many items and topics that may make you feel uncomfortable, whether that is due to your personal views, domestic laws or other reasons.

Despite that, we kindly ask you to always keep in mind that this kind of content is perfectly acceptable elsewhere and that we, as an international website, cannot offer user experiences specifically tailored to certain countries, as that would deprive us of the vast majority of content featured predominantly within Japanese subcultures, whether that’s erotic depictions of characters of all kinds and ages, fetishes in general or excessive violence, to name a few.

In consideration of that, remaining open-minded or tolerant or at least avoiding the topics you feel absolutely uncomfortable with would be appreciated and also required, as the content is explicitly allowed and inappropriate behavior or defamation either directed towards users or made in the context of said topics as a whole will not be tolerated.
Nonetheless, please also be advised that we limit these guidelines to depictions of fictional characters. Should you come across any cases involving actual people or real life material, please make sure to inform staff immediately.

1 - MFC is not for pornographic or sexually explicit material
...but they may be tolerated under the following:
  • Uploading pictures - when you upload such pictures flag them with the right option (NSFW) - pictures involving real life explicit material are strictly forbidden.
  • Posting links - when you post links to external sites featuring such content, mark your link accordingly (NSFW).
  • When you embed NSFW pictures into posts or elsewhere, put them into spoilers (see the FAQ) and indicate that they are NSFW. This also applies to use for other areas such as profile and club main pages, among others. For use within pages visited only by club members, please establish proper rules within the club to avoid problems.
  • Adding items - when you add such items, flag them with the right option (NSFW).

2 - Respect copyright
  • Uploading other peoples’ images while falsely advertising them as yours is strictly forbidden, whether this is accomplished by the removal of watermarks or simply claiming unsigned images to be yours.
  • Do not post illegal content, or specifically any such content that can pose an infraction of the well-being of the community.
  • Material regarding unwarranted and unauthorised activity is also not allowed (warez, fansub, etc.).
  • Do not link to websites providing illegal content.
  • Do not promote bootlegs and do not provide or otherwise post links to shops that sell them, whether that’s their primary business branch or just a side branch. Discussion of bootlegs is permitted insofar as it doesn’t serve to encourage purchases.

3 - Do not post commercial messages
  • Do not promote commercial activities of yourself or others (except if explicitly authorised by the MFC staff and in the according place - club dedicated to sales and web-shops).
  • Do not post affiliate links.

4 - Please be courteous here in the community
...and do your part to create an environment that all members can enjoy.

Guidelines for discussions:
  • Always feel free to express your opinion, whether is it positive or negative, but always keep in mind not to be rude; at least not excessively so.
  • a) When expressing your opinion, limit it to the topic at hand, do not involve the people behind the argument/the opinion
    -“It looks nice, but, personally, I’m not really comfortable with the character’s depicted age”,
    -“Passing on this one, the price tag is way too high when considering the quality”
    -“Really wish this weren’t another Miku”
    b) do not use derogatory terms or general descriptions that serve to either implicitly or directly insult or provoke other users
    -“This is sick”
    -“Is this for pedophiles?”
    -“Only an idiot would buy this figure”
    -"Imagining how much this will piss off <user group or name> makes this even better!"
  • a) Do not bring topics such as religion, politics, sexuality, beliefs, real life matters or otherwise disturbing topics etc. into discussions that are otherwise unrelated to these topics; exceptions possible for articles.
    -“The author is a convicted XXX, they shouldn’t be producing figures of this series”
    b) While it goes without saying that users should not be insulted, the same goes for any of the above being used as insults; this also includes terms related to other issues such as age etc.
    Possibly unacceptable terms:
    -“boomer” or other variations aimed at both younger and older people
  • Do not violate the personal privacy of other members by making their personal information public or otherwise discussing them in an open space
    -Limit reports of scammers to alerts. Scammers are regularly added here
    -Exception: Publicly asking if someone has heard from a user, for instance in case they have gone missing. If doing this as an article, disable comments and request a PM.
  • Public discussions of sexual topics are only allowed insofar as obscene comments are avoided. Discussing the quality of a figure’s sculpt and praising the quality of body parts is not the same as describing how arousing it is.
  • Do not threaten or otherwise harass other users, whether that is by constantly picking fights with them in discussions, constantly sending unsolicited PMs, constantly downvoting pictures etc.
    More so than others, death threats and -wishes are subject to staff scrutiny and may lead to account termination regardless of whether they constitute the first offence or not.
  • Do not instigate conflicts for the fun of it and refrain from outright trolling people.
  • Do not make inappropriate requests of any kind to other users, whether they concern monetary aid or sexual favors, among others. Either of these will render your account eligible for immediate termination.
  • Do not harass users over whether placed alerts are justified or not. While some alerts may seem unnecessary, staff will inform users themselves should they be required to refrain from placing specific alerts. As a general rule of thumb, users should not be wary of placing alerts if they feel they are justified. Since harassment over the justification of an alert may serve to dissuade users from placing alerts, especially if they do not want to deal with ensuing drama and possible harassment in general, violation of this rule may lead to action taken against your account.

Everyone here is entitled to respect and peace of mind, so please be sure to remember the code of conduct to ensure that yourself and others will have an enjoyable time.

In the event that you do come across posts or content that violate these rules, please use the alert function or notify staff by PM.

Whatever you do, do not
  • insult the alleged perpetrator or otherwise retaliate and
  • refrain from answering posts that will obviously be deleted as your post will be deleted along with them.
- Failure to comply with No. i will render you equally liable to being reprimanded, whereas ii will lead to extra work for staff and, in particularly egregious cases or repeat offences, to being reprimanded as well.
- Please note that some of these may be purely subjective and that the way remarks are perceived may differ from their intended use. Staff reserves the right to make decisions regardless of the intended use in such cases.

5 - Moderate yourself
  • Add to your collection only items you actually own: obviously, nobody will break into your house to verify, but at least do not add not-yet-released items to your owned list.
  • Moderate your wishlist: There is no point in adding every item of the database into your wishlist. Please note that insanely big wishlists will be purged on a regular basis.
  • Use spoiler tags.
  • Do not upload all the Internet in your gallery.
  • Do not post excessive amounts of comments. Eg. Welcome messages on new user accounts, multiple store sales links on entries, etc. Spam may result in a temporary or permanent comment ban.
  • Please be aware that we do not permit the use of multiple active accounts by the same user. Accounts created to bypass bans or to invoke a user name change may have all offending accounts terminated.

Note: MFC reserves the right, in its sole discretion to remove offending content from its website without notice and to banish users breaking these Community Guidelines. MFC will determine in its sole discretion if these Community Guidelines are or aren't violated.

How to create a sale or wanted ad?

To create a sale or wanted ad (Hunt), go to the sale section by clicking the Community link of the main menu and the Ads link of the main submenu.
Then click the Create an ad link and select the appropriate action from the dropdown menu.

  • When you create a sale, people having the sold item in their wishlist will be notifiedclosePeople wishing for email notifications must enable these by ticking the option Mail me when part of my wishlist is up for sale in their account Mailing settings. by email.
  • When you create a wanted ad (Hunt), people having the item on sale or thinking of selling will be notifiedclosePeople wishing for email notifications must enable these by ticking the option Mail me when a part of my collection is being hunted in their account Mailing settings. by email.
  • If you wish to sell an item of your collection at some point, but not want particular advertise each item. Tick the option Mail me when part of my collection is being hunted in your account Mailing settings.

Sales ads settings:

  • *Pick the item you wish to sell.
  • Select the currency you wish to conduct your transaction with and *enter the appropriate amount.
  • Select if you include shipping with your price.
  • Tickbox 'Unavailable' - If ticked, your ad won't show up in the new sales list.
  • Expire - Select an appropriate amount of time in which you wish you ad to be available (default is 3 months). After the selected amount of time has passed, your ad will become 'Unavailable'.
  • Enter a location (country, city). Use something sensible or your ad may not be found by other users.
  • 1 Select the condition of the item itself.
  • 2 Select the condition of the items packaging (if available).
  • You have 200 characters available to describe your item or write anything noteworthy about the sale.
    (please follow the sales guidelines)
  • Add any pictures you may have of the items, which need to be selected from pictures you already have uploaded into your album.
*denotes a required field to be completed.

Hint: Instead of creating a wanted ad (hunt) or multiple ads, why not try our list function, by adding all wanted items into a single list and get notified if one becomes available.

How do I stop receiving random friend requests?

You may receive random friend requests, as long as 'FR' is displayed on your profile page.

To disable this option, go to your profile settings page and change the setting 'Allow FR's' to No.

How can I have my ads featured on the home page?

You can upgrade your ads to be seen by more people.

Two options:

Featured: your ad is featured on MFC home page (randomly within the featured ads) and at the top of the ad list during 7 days.

Highlighted: your ad is highlighted (yellow background) on the ad list during 7 days.

To upgrade your ads, click on the "Upgrade" button.

How to add another user as a friend?

Go to the profile of the user you want to add as a friend and click on 'FR' to send a friend request (FR).

Alternatively, ask the user to send you a friend request.

This option must be enabled in profile settings, if the option 'FR' is not shown.

Who is Tsuko-tan?

TSUKO-TAN is MFC's mascot.


Tsuko-tan is proudly designed by Ayuyu.
[download official .psd]

Some fanarts can be found here.


Did you know?

How to join a club?

Go on the main page of the club you want to join and click on Join the Club.

How do I create a blog entry?

To create a blog entry - Community » Blogs » Write a new article (To prevent spam, just-registered users can't submit a blog entry)

NB. The maximum text size is 65,535 characters.

  • Don't forget to tick the option 'Allow comments' and/or 'Allow ratings' when asking a question or user's opinions. Users can't leave a response if not enabled.
  • Don't forget to mark your entry 'Public' or it won't be seen by anyone, once you are ready to publish your entry.
  • And you can use BB code in blogs. Works also to resize your pictures!

Feedback Guidelines

This is not ebay!

Submit sale feedback only if you actually bought the item listed on the sale.

Any unjustified feedback submissions and feedback forgeries shall result in you being banned. In cases of disputes, investigation will be made by the staff.

Feedbacks can't be modified or deleted.

Club Guidelines

A club is a place to gather people having same interests and you may create a club for any subject you like, with respect to our Community Guidelines. Love this peculiar show? Like this character? Want to meet people from your region? Feel free to create a club. You will certainly meet people sharing the same passion.
  • Prior to creating a new club, you may wish to look up existing clubs, if the subject is already covered, this will allow you to find likeminded more easily.
  • Feel free to 'revive' an older club, by contacting the club leaders or alert a member of staff if it is possible to bring new life into a particular club.
  • When creating a club, you get a club home page to customize, a forum to discuss your passion, the possibility to link related items and pictures and more.
  • A Club can be private or public.

Note: MFC reserves the right, in its sole discretion to remove offending submissions from its website without notice and to banish users breaking these or our Community Guidelines. MFC will determine in its sole discretion if Community Guidelines are or aren't violated.

How to leave a club?

Go on the main page of the club you want to leave and click on Leave the Club.

How to create a club?

How to leave feedback?

Two ways to leave feedback for a sale.

1 - Active listing (the item is still available)
  • Visit the sellers profile and their "Shop".
  • Search for the ad of the item you have bought.
  • Click on "Leave feedback".
  • In the pop-up box, tick the 'I have read and understood the guidelines' tickbox. (please take a moment to read these, thank you)
  • Select the rating you wish to award the transaction.
  • Write a few words about the sale (200 characters max) and save.*

*The ad is now marked as 'Unavailable'.

2 - Inactive listing (the ad is no longer visible in the sellers shop)
  • Visit the sellers profile and their "Shop".
  • Tick the tickbox 'View unavailable sales'.
  • Search for the ad of the item you have bought.
  • Click on "Leave feedback".
  • In the pop-up box, tick the 'I have read and understood the guidelines' tickbox. (please take a moment to read these, thank you)
  • Select the rating you wish to award the transaction.
  • Write a few words about the sale (200 characters max) and save.

Please note, all feedback you leave is final, it is not possible to retract, edit or remove feedback! See also sale feedback guidelines - FAQ 118: about/faq/#ref-...

How to...? Club functions.

Q. Is there a way to mass-link items, entries and pictures to my clubs?
A. Yes, there is.

However, there is a requirement:
  • You must be an admin of the club;
  • You must be a Supporter or a VIB.

How to:
  • Go to the page of the club you want to link objects to, click on Link/Unlink then on Tools.
  • Select the type of object you want to link (items, entries or pictures).
  • Fill the form with your criteria and click on Link/Unlink.
To be used with caution:
  • Click on Flush to delete all links of the selected type of object.

How to delete an ad?

Only search ads can be deleted. If you are allowed to delete an ad, a Delete link will appear next to the Edit link on the ad page.

Sales ads can't be deleted, however, marking your ad Unavailable will remove the sale from your list.

How to create more than one sale a day?

You can't. If an user got more than one sale at the top of the sale list, it's certainly because he/she bumps his/her old sales.

Supporters and VIBs can create an unlimited number of sales.

About club member ranks?

I'm a club admin, how do I change the access ranks of members of my club?
  • Go to the Members page of your club.
  • Click on the Manage link (located in the Navigation/Action menu).
  • Select new ranks.

Right Details-

Outsiders are allowed to:
Public club: View club room, join the club, read and post comments on the club room, read discussions.
Private club: View club room, read and post comments on the club room.

Regular members are allowed to (in addition of what Outsiders can do):
Leave the club, create discussions, post in non-closed discussions, poll vote, invite people to join.

Moderator members are allowed to (in addition of what Regular members can do):
Link items, link pictures.

Admin members are allowed to (in addition of what Moderator members can do):
Delete discussions, edit discussions, feature poll, delete comments, edit club description, change other members' rank.

How to bump a sale?

If one of your sale ads is still available one month after its creation, you can 'bump' it by clicking the Bump link next to the Edit link.*
The creation date of a bumped sale will be updated to the current date. Meaning it will be bumped to the top of the list but also that your remaining waiting time will reset (if you want to create a new sale and are allowed to do so, you should do it before bumping your old sales). When you bump a sale, people having the sold item in their wishlist will be notified by email.

*Please note, bumping your ad has no influence over the length of time until your ad becomes 'unavailabe'.

About privacy / blacklist

You may blacklist up to 10 users in your profile privacy settings. The following options are available:

  • Block private messages (you won't receive further PMs from the listed user)
  • Block friend requests* (you won't receive further friend requests from the listed user)
  • Block club invitations (you won't receive further club invitations from the listed user)
  • Block comments on my profile, pictures, blog posts and lists (the listed user won't be allowed to post messages on your profile, pictures, blog posts or lists)
  • Hide all comments (you won't see any comments made by the listed user)

*NB. You may block Friend requests in general in your profile settings.

About event email notifications

People wishing for email notifications on events, such as subscriptions, comments on your pictures, sales notifications, etc., must enable these notifications by ticking the option "Mail me...(event)" in their account Mailing settings.

  • You can select a preferred language of your email notification.
  • You can select how to receive your email notifications, either as text or HTML mode.

NB. General account settings for email notifications do not affect your List email notifications, which can be set on each List you have created.

Important for contributors:
Notifications regarding deleted entries and pictures, among others, are sent only via e-mail. If you regularly upload pictures, post articles or contribute to the database, please make sure that your notification settings allow e-mails to be sent to you in the event that your contributions have been deleted. Especially for pictures or minor issues, staff may not always create an alert to inform you that something is wrong and instead opt for deletion and include the reason in the e-mail notification.

About your profile avatar

On choosing you avatar picture, please follow our general community guidelines and be aware your profile picture will be visible to the general public.

  • The page to upload your avatar can be found in your profile settings under 'Avatar': settings/avatar...
  • The minimum size has to be 64 x 64 pixels.
  • The maximum size can be 1280 x 1280 pixels and no more than 500k.
  • Picture formats can be JPEG (.jpg), GIF (.gif) or PNG (.png).
  • You are also able to crop your avatar picture, by clicking the small avatar picture next to the 'Browse' button on your avatar editing page.

Pictures involving real life explicit material are strictly forbidden.

Pictures which contain nudity or questionable/explicit (NSFW) content are also not permitted (please note that those notions can be very subjective, so please respect moderators' judgement when they ask to change your avatar picture).

Will my email address be public?

No, your email address will remain private. It will be used to send you notifications according to your settings and subscriptions and for resetting forgotten passwords.

Why are some profile options disabled?

Some options (mostly customization options) are reserved for Supporters and VIBs only.
NB: At the end of a support period, profile customization option settings will remain as they are.

How do I display my favorite Characters/Origins/Manufacturers/Artists on my profile?

Go to the encyclopedia.
Search for your favorite Characters/Origins/Manufacturers/Artists and for each of them, click on Add to my favorites.

NB. You can choose how and to whom to display these in your profile privacy settings.

How do I enable/disable the "Safe" mode (How do I hide/view NSFW content)?

On the top-right live parameters menu (next your username), change the value of the SFW option.

Can I change my username?

Yes you can, in your profile settings: settings/profil...

- Only once a month, should you choose to do so.
- Be careful when saving, mistakes cannot be rectified for one month!
- Staff is not able to override or change a user name.

Please note: This is a "reserved" profile customisation feature.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

You can request a new password. A step-by-step email will be sent to your registered address.

How do I delete my account?

We are very sad to hear you want to leave us. If you wish your account to be deleted, please visit your settings and click the "Delete my account" button.

What is the meaning of the 'Popularity' numbers?

Bold Number - number of profile hits.
(Bracket Number) - rank.

Example1234 (50) = 1234 profile hits, 50th user with the most hits

What is the meaning of 'Power'?

In RPG fashion, points are awarded for your community activity. There is no real 'use' for the points, other than to encourage community activeness.

You will find your community activity contribution information by clicking the Activity link on your Profile page and select Contributions (lvxx) from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, click the (number) link next to your Power level information on your Profile

Note: Points or activity information is updated only once a day.

Legend (Header):

  • Source - Source of your activity.
  • Xp - Number of Exerience Points gained for your activity.
  • Num - Number of source activities.
  • Daily - Average daily source activity.
  • Total - Total amount of points per activity.

Will my date of birth be public?

Not directly, but yes there are ways to see your date of birth.

Only your age will be displayed on your profile but when your birthday comes, your username (and age) will be displayed on the Community page.

Can I add several times the same item in my collection under different status?

No, you can't. If, for instance, you own an item and buy a second one you won't be able to add the second one to your ordered list while keeping the first one into your owned list.

What is a list?

List is a feature that lets you create your own personal lists of items such as list of items you wish to trade, list of items you are looking for, list of items that should be in the ideal collection, etc. Possibilities are infinite. You can share your list with everyone or only with your friends or make it private.

A list also allows you to start receiving notifications via email, if an item in your list is being sold or hunted by someone. These notifications are a separate feature from your account email notifications.

How does BBCode work here?

Bold [b][/b]
Italic [i][/i]
Underline [u][/u]
Strikethrough [s][/s]
Color [color=][/color]
Size [size=][/size]
URL [url=][/url]
http://i33.tinypic.com/jt9fv8.png [img][/img] *Note: imgur url will not work, due to imgur blocking.
http://i33.tinypic.com/jt9fv8.png size [img=122x44][/img]
http://i33.tinypic.com/jt9fv8.png size [img=180][/img]
http://i33.tinypic.com/jt9fv8.png size [img=50%][/img]
Quotation [quote=][/quote]
View spoilerHide spoilerI've got a secret! [spoiler][/spoiler]
Custom text Spoiler or ButtonHide this stuffI've got some info! [spoiler=text for view|text for hide][/spoiler]
Align to center [center][/center]
Align to right [right][/right]
Quick link to profiles [profile:username][/profile]
Embed Video (Youtube) [video]id[/video]
Ex [video]AbCdEfGhIlM[/video] or
No additional parameters, such as "&t=123s" "&feature=youtu.be"

  • Item 1
  • Item 2

[list][*]Item 1[*]Item 2[/list]
  • Item 1
  • Item 2

[list=a][*]Item 1[*]Item 2[/list]
  • Item 1
  • Item 2

[list=1][*]Item 1[*]Item 2[/list]
http://myfigurecollection.net/pics/b/180x81.c.pngText on left with picture

[onleft][img](image url)[/img][/onleft]text
http://myfigurecollection.net/pics/b/180x81.c.pngText on right with picture

[onright][img](image url)[/img][/onright][right]text[/right]

Language Disclaimer

While MFC allows users to select a multitude of languages for the website’s interface, please be advised that support on various matters will always be provided in English unless staff has the means to do it in another language and also deems it necessary to do so.

What is the meaning of the 'Rank' expressions: RGB, VIB, MOD, ADM?

RGB - ReGular Boarder.
  • Status of registered users 'rank' participating on MFC

VIB - Very Important Boarder.
  • A status, which is allocated or awarded to regular boarders by means of regular and active participation only, not dependent on 'power' or 'popularity' ranking. Contacting members of staff to receive VIB status will not result in allocation of the same

MOD - MODerator.
  • Volunteers, recruited from community contributors.

ADM - ADMinistrator.
  • Volunteers, recruited from community contributors.

What does 'MFC' / 'TB' stand for?

MFC - My Figure Collection
TB - Tsuki-Board (the former name of MFC)

What is the meaning of the 'Status' options: Wished, Ordered, Owned?

Wished - you do not own the figure and have not placed an order for it but would like to add it to your collection.
Ordered - you currently do not physically own the figure but have placed an order for it.
Owned - you physically own the figure.

What do you mean by 'Alert'?

On several pages you will find Alert or Report links.

You can click them to notify the staff about something (database reposts, rule violations, mistakes, bad behaviours, etc.). Please leave a message with your reasoning and in case of entry updates, a source link, where you found the new information.

What does 'NSFW' stand for and when is it used?

NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work.

A picture should be marked as NSFW if it contains nudity or questionable/explicit content (please note that these notions can be very subjective, so please respect moderators' judgement when they mark/unmark your pictures as NSFW).

Pictures must be marked as NSFW any picture that contains:
  • Nudity;
  • Strategically covered nudity;
  • Sheer or see-through clothing;
  • Lewd or provocative poses;
  • Close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches.

If you are over 18 and if you don't mind these kinds of pictures, you can disable the safe mode.

What is the meaning of O, B, W, L on thumbs?

Those represent status you selected for the current item.

O - Owned
B - Ordered (Buy/Bought)
W - Wished
L - Listed (in one of your lists)

You can activate/deactivate this function in your settings.

How to tag?

[Work in progress]

Tags should always be objective.
Words such as "cute", "moe" are subjective.